SANI-TRED ® Used for Concrete Reinforcement and Repair After Earthquakes

“Based on my experiences restoring fountains and creating art installations, have been a committed SaniTred evangelist for quite a while! As you know, and as a often explain, its a really fantastic product with unique durability and longevity.Ive used SaniTred to restore broken fountains and art installations, but American Aqueduct is probably my favorite project that showed off its capabilities.

Knowing that we were planning to pour a serious amount of craftsmanship and dedication into the commissioned installation, we needed to make sure that the 110′ long water carrying sculptural masonry faced wall with a concrete foundation would remain sound and waterproof. After using an excavator to dig a 3′ x 4′ deep foundation the length of the trench, we filled it with air entrained concrete over rebar. Then we built up with meticulously placed stones, some epoxied in place where the wall leans outward, and ended up with the shape of the aqueduct trough on top of the wall. Despite the relatively massive foundation well below the frost line, a continuous piece of concrete this length was sure to experience shrinkage and expansion cracks. SaniTred allowed us to rely upon our waterproofing layer to flex and absorb minor cracks, and be easily patched after any earthquakes. We even set the stones lining the channel directly into LRB.We also used SaniTred to refinish an old, long disused kidney shaped concrete pool the served as the destination for the aqueduct. Blown glass flowers with stylized copper stamen integrated with LED strip lighting create a focal point where water cascades into the pond, and 10,000 gallon per hour pump circulates the water up to the top, keeping this one of a kind private installation flowing.”

Still flowing with SaniTred praise,

Tom Mattausch


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