Sealing Garden Ponds & Fountains

SANI-TRED® polymer pond sealer products are the most unique, versatile, easy to apply products on the market. Repair of garden concrete ponds or water fountains made easy with SANI-TRED®. Our pond sealing products are not "pond paints", but are permanently bonding, permanently flexible, never bubble, chip, peel, crack, delaminate, or leak for the life of the structure. SANI-TRED® products are over 4 times stronger than ‘seemingly similar’ products coupled with many more unique qualities and abilities others don’t have which make SANI-TRED® products superior to the rest. SANI-TRED® Unique Product Qualities are: Flexible Penetration Technology®, Permanent Elongation®, and Elongation Memory Technology®

SANI-TRED® products are far superior to any liner for many reasons

● Liners are not permanently bonded. SANI-TRED® is a ‘permanently bonded system’.

● If a liner has just one flaw, the entire system fails. SANI-TRED® can be gouged and scraped
without ever creating a leak.

● Water is allowed to migrate behind liners; it is impossible for water to come between the
substrate and a SANI-TRED® seal.

● Liners have seams, SANI-TRED® is ‘seamless’.

● Liners have temporary seals around plumbing and fixtures; SANI-TRED® creates a
permanent seal around plumbing and fixtures.

● Liners are typically black; SANI-TRED® comes in a variety of colors (including black).

● It is commonly known that one must take great care when setting stones on a liner.
Liners are easily damaged and pond liner repair is temporary. SANI-TRED® is rated for
vehicle traffic. Even boulders do not threaten a SANI-TRED® seal.

Provides Complete Water Tight Integrity Regardless of Freeze­-Thaw Cycles

Due to unique technical breakthroughs in polymer chemistry, a complete garden pond or fountain waterproofing, crack and freeze damage repair system is both available and affordable for the home owner or commercial fountain or pond owner! Put an end to garden ponds leaking forever. No other products on earth can duplicate this transformation, because no other single component coating product may be applied at great thickness like LRB (Liquid Rubber Base), molecularly bond to themselves and retain negative hydrostatic pressure. Additional advantages are that the coating and repairs remain flexible, are permanently bonded to the surface and will expand and contract with the concrete during temperature extremes to remain water tight! SANI-TRED® is the only waterproofing system that can completely seal any garden pond or fountain permanently, no matter how damaged or deteriorated. SANI-TRED® products have repaired many ponds and fountains that have been determined by experts as un­repairable with no recourse
but to destroy or fill in the pond or fountain and start over!

If you feel that your pond or fountain is beyond hope, call or e­mail and we will provide specialized information to solve virtually any pond and fountain repair problem. If you have a pond or fountain that is constructed with a concrete , brick, or stone bottom you can easily and permanently transform and seal the pond or fountain using SANI-TRED® products to eliminate the need to regularly replace liners and eliminate UV damage, puncture and lateral leaking problems associated with temporary liners.

SANI-TRED® LRB (Liquid Rubber Base), a single component polyurethane product, has the unique ability to cure at any thickness of application without gassing and molecularly bonds to itself new-­to-­old. These chemically unique features, when coupled with SANI-TRED® PermaFlex™ ability to penetrate concrete, creates a waterproofing system which can retain almost sixty times the amount of negative hydrostatic pressure normally found in residential or commercial ponds and fountains. These are some qualities of SANI-TRED® products that set SANI-TRED® above all other products in the field of pond or fountain waterproofing and DIY concrete pond repair. A perfect pond seal is easy to achieve with the right pond sealant.

NOTE: For all garden pond or fountain waterproofing installations, where retaining negative hydrostatic pressure is required, it is critical that all “scrim coatings”, old paints, sealers, waterproofing agents etc, must be removed to allow SANI-TRED® products to penetrate and bond to the original concrete surfaces.

Cracked, leaking or damaged structures are easily and permanently repaired. Even major repairs and construction flaws being repaired and hidden by SANI-TRED® versatile and flexible qualities. The need to annually patch and repair, along with the inconvenience and expense, is no longer necessary with SANI-TRED® permanent flexible bonded repair system. If the original SANI-TRED® surface is damaged, it is easily spot repaired without complete recoating. If damaged, repairs weld to themselves, new to old with a molecular bond which is unique to the coatings industry. Pond repair and water fountain repair is now easy. Any do it yourself water fountains or
DIY garden pond can be sealed forever.