Plywood Deck Waterproofing

Another area of your home that needs waterproofing is a plywood deck. Plywood decks are an integral part of many homes and can be found in all kinds of states. Some decks are immaculate and waterproofed while others…well, they just look awful. Exposed wood is just as bad as exposed concrete. Often, it’s even worse. While concrete will break down over time, a plywood deck will break down much quicker, causing you a headache sooner rather than later. As such, it’s a good idea to protect your deck like any other part of your home.

You want to begin waterproofing your deck, but it’s harder than it sounds to do it right. Like any home improvement product, there are endless products that aim to help you waterproof and protect your plywood deck. But, like every other category, there are some that fail when you need them. There are plenty of waterproof wood sealers and deck coatings to choose from, but if you really want to waterproof your deck, you need a complete coating system that will do the job right the first time and be strong enough to withstand everything the outdoors has to offer. That’s why you need SANI-TRED®.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

If you want to effectively and permanently waterproof your deck (and you certainly do), look no further than SANI-TRED®. SANI-TRED® is the revolutionary liquid rubber waterproofing system that adheres to your plywood deck, hardens while maintaining flexibility, and completely protects your deck for the life of the structure. Other deck waterproofers rely on thin sealers that break down over time, but only SANI-TRED® fully adheres to your deck and creates a seamless surface that stops water from damaging your deck. Stop using inferior deck waterproofers and choose the best system on the market today. Choose SANI-TRED® and protect your deck with our waterproof coating for plywood.

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