Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Maintaining a swimming pool can be quite a task. Swimming pools provide a nice respite from a hard day’s work or a lazy Saturday afternoon, but don’t forget that everything comes with a cost. Besides the financial investment, swimming pools also require a bit of work to keep it looking nice.

Unfortunately, people make mistakes when maintaining their pools. These mistakes can make your pool less inviting and more of an eyesore. I you want more information on pool maintenance and how to keep yours waterproof, visit SANI-TRED

Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

  • Chlorine Treatments- Too many pool owners don’t keep track of chlorine levels. A reading of 1 to 3 parts per million of chlorine is needed for a pool to be safe to swim in. By keeping your pool ph level in check, you’re getting the most out of the chlorine you’re using.

Tip: Check the pool’s ph balance twice a week during the summer and once a week during the winter to make sure your pool is safe to swim in. Checking often also means you can make small adjustments when needed instead of huge changes.

  • Algaecide Use- Unless you want to swim in a pool filled with green water (and who does?), your pool needs algaecide to prevent algae growth. Some pool owners put algaecide and chlorine into their pools at the same level and assume they’ll be fine. But most algaecides actually reduce chlorine levels in a pool once they’re applied, which can also make your pool turn green.

Tip: Offset this by ensuring your pool has a high chlorine level before applying algaecide. Keep your pool pump on during application and let the algaecide flow throughout your pool to keep the water blue, like it should be.

  • Poor Upkeep- Many pool owners forget that HOW they use their pool is a factor in how they should treat it. A pool that sees a lot of swimmers on a daily basis (pool parties, regular family outings, etc.) will require more chemicals to keep ph balance.
  • Ignoring Cracks and Broken Drain Covers- These can lead to water loss, which is a major problem for swimming pools. Be sure to fix any cracks or broken drain covers when you find them so as to avoid leaks and water loss.
  • Not Using a Pool Cover- Some pool owners don’t see the need for a pool cover and this is a big mistake. Pool covers keep heat in your pool and debris like leaves and animal waste out.
  • Using Chemicals All at Once- Don’t get into the habit of applying pool chemicals only when you want to use the pool. Pool maintenance is a regular, ongoing process and thinking you can completely clean your pool all at once is a bad idea. Maintain your pool on a regular basis and you’ll be much better off.
  • Turning off the Pool Pump- Turning the pool filtration off “when you don’t need it” is a terrible idea. Continuous water circulation is a key part of a functioning pool, so you should keep your pump running 24 hours a day to keep water flowing.

Bonus Tips

  • Add chemicals at night after the sun goes down instead of during the day.
  • Keep the walls and floor clean. Brush the walls and floor every three weeks to help eliminate algae in your pool.
  • Make needed repairs quickly. If you find cracks or broken drain covers, repair them as soon as possible to avoid water leakage.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

If you find cracks in your pool, use SANI-TRED® to keep water where it should be. SANI-TRED® is a one-of-a-kind waterproofer that can repair any crack, hole, or leak issue with simple application. Protect your pool with SANI-TRED® and keep it pristine.

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