Rubber Texture Granules

Seeking heavy duty textured rubber flooring? Sani-Tred’s Rubber Texture Granules provide the additional non slip, easy-to-clean rubberized flooring you need. Perfect for animal habitats, food service and preparation areas, industrial floors and more, the Sani-Tred Rubber Floor Texture Granules is a simple solution.

Super Slip Resistant Floors Prevent Injury
Areas that are prone to moisture are some of the best candidates for this product. The Rubber Floor Texture Granules create a heavy duty flooring that helps to keep feet from slipping and sliding. This type of non slip flooring is typically seen in animal habitats, zoos and large animal veterinary facilities. These areas often need to cleaned with high pressure hoses, which can leave floors slick and dangerous. Other areas that may need the safety of non slip flooring include gyms, water parks, boat floors, professional kitchens and even playgrounds.

Rubberized Flooring for Industrial Environments
The last thing your workplace needs is flooring that aids in injury. Industrial floors easily become slick and sticky, either from material spills or simple human traffic. Adding Rubber Texture Granules from Sani-Tred to your industrial floor is one more step in insuring none of your employees slip and fall. You can prevent personal injury as well as damage to products and equipment simply by increasing the texture of your floor.

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