Rain Catchers

Warning: DO NOT drink rain water.

Water is a vital resource for everyone on the planet and meets a lot of needs. From drinking water to plant irrigation, water is crucial for life. But unfortunately, not everyone uses water to its full potential. For most of the country, rain is a water source that is free, clean, and plentiful. During certain times of the year, rain is a common occurrence as it as it falls on our houses and cars.

Rain catchers are medium to large receptacles that collect and store rainwater for later use on plants and yards. Properly installed rain catchers can be a great addition to most any yard. But rain catchers aren’t necessarily for everyone. Some places won’t benefit from a rain catcher as well as others due to less average rainfall. If you’re thinking about a rain catcher for your home, here are some things to consider.

Advantages of a Rain Catcher

  • A LOT of rain hits the average house roof and even a modest size rain catcher can collect and store thousands of gallons over a year’s time.
  • Rain catchers provide a free supply of water for feeding plants or watering yards.
  • Can be customized to collect even more water by using multiple rain catchers at different downspouts.
  • Rainwater is naturally pure and free of chlorine and other chemicals. This water is easier on your plants and will help with their health.
  • Cuts down on your demand for well or sewer water, which could even save you money in the long run.
  • Rain water catchers are an inexpensive and easy project that even novice DIY-ers can handle.

If the idea of a rain catcher intrigues you and you’d like to take advantage of using rainwater for your plants or yard, consider a rain catcher.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

Rain catchers, like any other receptacle that holds water, can be rendered worthless by leaks. A leaking or broken rain catcher won’t actually hold water, which defeats the purpose. SANI-TRED® can patch and repair any crack, hole, or imperfection to keep your rain catcher water-tight. For DIY rain catcher system projects of all kinds, choose SANI-TRED® and protect your property with unsurpassed waterproofing ability. For more information on SANI-TRED® and to see what it can do, visit SANI-TRED

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