Three Shipping Containers Made Into Swimming Pool and Poolhouse

Recently, SANI-TRED customers Tim and Penny purchased three shipping containers to create the ultimate backyard pool oasis. After cutting the three containers apart and strategically welding them back together, they created a swimming pool, deck, and pool house for them and their friends.

To permanently waterproof their pool, they first sandblasted the surface to remove loose material and provide a surface profile for SANI-TRED to bond to. They then coated the entire surface with SANI-TRED PERMAFLEX, and then used a mixture of SANI-TRED LRB (LIQUID RUBBER BASE) and TAV (THICKENING ACTIVATOR) to fill seams and patch rough spots. They then applied another layer of SANI-TRED PERMAFLEX and top-coated with epoxy pool paint. To see more about the journey of this fantastic project, visit Tim and Penny’s blog on Facebook.


SANI-TRED is a permanent waterproofing and repair product for almost any size or type of pool.

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