Waterproofing a Shower Bench

There are many parts that make a shower both functional and elegant. Whether it’s choosing the correct fixtures, determining the best style, even finding the right showerhead, installing a new shower can be a great DIY project. Another part of some showers, both pre-fabricated and tile, is the option of a shower bench. Building a shower bench can be a nice addition for people who either need or just want a nice area to sit down during a relaxing shower.

What are the types of shower benches?

Shower benches come in different styles and materials, all with their positives and negatives. Take these styles into account so you know which DIY shower bench project works best for you.

A shower bench can be as simple as a wooden or plastic bench or chair that is placed in the shower when needed or as complex as a fully-installed fixture, making it part of the shower itself. The process for building a shower bench depends on which style you want to use.

Wood/Plastic Benches

One kind of DIY shower bench is when you take an existing wood or plastic seat covered in a waterproofing material. This is the easiest method of shower bench installation, but it is not as sturdy or reliable as installed methods that we’ll also cover. They can still tip over and cause injury, making it a poor choice if you need a shower bench for safety or health issues.

 Installing Pre-Made Benches

Another option is buying a pre-made bench and installing it in your shower. This is a more labor-intensive method, but is not only more stable, but also more aesthetically pleasing. Pre-made benches are usually made of a hard material like concrete, metal tray, or foam, which is affixed to the shower and covered in tile to make it match the rest of the shower area.

Waterproofing Existing Benches 

If you happen to already have an installed shower bench and need to waterproof it, the good news is it’s pretty easy. To waterproof your existing shower bench, all you need is some time and some SANI-TRED PermaFlex.

Apply the PermaFlex to the bench and in the joints where it connects to the rest of the shower and allow it to dry. It’s just that simple. PermaFlex can waterproof anything, even your new (or old) shower bench. With its easy application and powerful waterproofing ability, SANI-TRED PermaFlex is the perfect material to waterproof the bench for any shower you have in mind.

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