Waterproofing Basement Walls

Basements are an integral part of any home and keeping them waterproof and protected is very important. Basements are the most likely room in your house to flood, even under normal weather conditions, so you should certainly protect it as best you can. When taking the entire room into account, waterproofing basement walls is the most important.

Basement Walls

Basement walls deal with more water pressure on a regular basis more than any other part of your home. Hydrostatic Pressure pushes against your basement walls and causes water to leak into your basement. This leads to a damp, musty basement and can even lead to flooding when combined with rain. Subsequent flooding can damage anything in your basement, including stored items, appliances, and other objects. Some homeowners use a sump pump to get rid of the water once it’s already in their basement, but for true protection, you need a basement wall waterproofing solution to stop water from getting in at all.

If you want to keep your basement dry and free of water damage, you need to waterproof your basement walls. While some may be fine with the constant cycle of allowing water in then pumping it back out, there is a better way. To protect you basement, you need to waterproof your basement walls. To waterproof your basement walls, you need SANI-TRED® wall sealing products.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

Unlike other passive systems that remove water once it’s too late, SANI-TRED® prevents water from getting through your basement walls in the first place. SANI-TRED® is a one-of-a-kind liquid rubber waterproof coating that goes on your basement walls like a thickened interior paint, bonds with your concrete on a molecular level, hardens (while maintaining up to 590% elongation) and form a seamless, extremely durable waterproof coating that will stop water from going through your basement walls and into your basement. Keep your basement waterproof PERMANENTLY with SANI-TRED®, the best interior basement wall sealing product in the world.  

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