5 Commercial Waterproofing Projects

Waterproofing is a requirement for many buildings in any number of environments. While there are many basements and garages that need waterproofed to function properly, don’t forget about the various commercial applications of SANI-TRED®. One of the many advantages of SANI-TRED® is its versatility of use and application methods, which make it the perfect coating for any waterproofing need. In addition to SANI-TRED®’s use in residential settings, it is also an excellent waterproofing material for commercial buildings of all sizes. So let’s take a quick look at just some of the commercial applications of SANI-TRED®.


Commercial roofing needs waterproofing as much as any other building, sometimes even more so. Every roof deals with rainwater and commercial spaces are no different. Any owner that wants to keep their business going has to keep water off their floor. With a properly waterproofed roof, commercial spaces are protected and can continue their normal operations without contending with leaks.


Very few commercial spaces need as much waterproofing and textured flooring as hospitals. Hospitals are unique commercial spaces that have many different needs, but a textured, waterproof coating to protect their floors is key among them. SANI-TRED® can work to waterproof many different areas in a hospital to keep it up and running.


Restaurants are another commercial space that need waterproof, durable, and long-lasting floors. All restaurants have a kitchen area that handles water on a regular basis and a good textured and waterproof floor can protect not only the floor, but those who walk on it. In addition the kitchen area, many restaurants also have outdoor patio areas that are open during the warmer seasons. These patios are directly exposed to rainwater and it’s a good idea to have a waterproof, textured floor there as well.

Municipal Pools

Public swimming pools need waterproofed and protected to keep them water-tight and available to the community during the summer. Public municipal swimming pools are large areas that will eventually need repaired and keeping them waterproof is very, very important.


The commercial possibilities of a school building are virtually endless. From locker rooms to kitchens, art rooms to gymnasiums, a durable, waterproof floor is an important part of any school. By applying SANI-TRED® to any number of surfaces, you can coat, waterproof, and protect a school building so it can better serve the community. If you know a school in your area that needs a strong, waterproofed floor, SANI-TRED® is a great option to consider.

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