The Only Basement Waterproofing Product That Does This

Waterproofing My Basement
Waterproofing Your Basement

After examining virtually all other products and systems that are being sold to unsuspecting customers in chain stores and over the Internet, the first thing you’ll notice is that none of them provide any evidence that what they are trying to sell you for basement waterproofing is possible to actually work!  Most things being marketed for basement waterproofing are not even waterproof themselves (cement, latex paint, tar etc.).

The bulk of so-called professional waterproofing systems do not seal the water out of the basement . . . their method is to actually put holes in the walls and floors to allow unlimited water into the basement and then pump it out.

  • What happens to your finished basement if the pump or power fails?
  • What about all of that humidity they let into the basement with all that water?
  • What happens if the electricity grid shuts down for days at a time during heavy rain storms?

Ask the suppliers of the other products or systems to match just one of these five things so you can compare their products or systems with SANI-TRED.

Make them give you something in writing or show you any evidence that what they’re selling is actually effective at what they are selling it for.  Make them prove that they are not just selling cheap marketing hype and that there system has the qualities and or lifespan endurance to seal and waterproof your basement.

  1. SANI-TRED is the only indoor basement waterproofing products on the global market that is tough enough for waterproofing heavy duty industrial basement floors along with bridges and road surfaces!
  2. SANI-TRED is the only product on the GLOBAL market that offers small sample packs to allow any customer to try SANI-TRED and compare before you buy. OTHER PRODUCTS ARE AFRAID TO DO THIS.
  3. SANI-TRED is the only product on the GLOBAL market that has over a 25 year track record of success with unmatched customer satisfaction of any other basement waterproofing system. We have a huge list of satisfied SANI-TRED customers that have given us voluntary testimonials.

    Drylok vs SaniTred Waterproofing
    Drylok vs SaniTred Waterproofing
  4. Have them show product quality test specifications to compare to SANI-TRED such as tensile strength, elongation, waterproof ability negative hydrostatic pressure testing etc.
  5. Make them offer you the same SANI-TRED Limited life of the structure warranty.


Learn more about our 3 main industrial heavy-duty products to permanently waterproof your basement:


Liquid Rubber Base (LRB)

Thickening Activator (TAV)

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