Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Final elevator waterproofing - Miami FL
Elevator waterproofing done right

Today I talked to Carlos Touzan of TG Oil Service from the Miami, Florida area and he was overly excited and happy about the possibilities of the Sani-Tred product line for the future of his business (specifically for elevator pit waterproofing).

Why was he so happy?

After finishing a problem elevator pit waterproofing project in Miami a few weeks ago, the area was hit hard with rain.  Carlos told me it rained a good amount this past Friday and all day on Saturday and he couldn’t wait to visit his client at the building where this problem elevator pit was located at.  When he arrived at the building Monday morning, he was greeted by a MORE THAN HAPPY customer.

His customer could not not believe that he was not looking at two to three feet of water in the pit like he was accustomed to after that type of rain.  Carlos got into the pit to closely inspect things and this is what he found . . . absolutely NOTHING!

During our phone conversation, Carlos told me that he’s never worked with more effective waterproofing materials than Sani-Tred’s PermaFlex and Liquid Rubber Base.  He looked and closely examined every spot in the elevator pit where traditionally there might be a concern for water entry and he told me that he couldn’t find any water . . . not even one bit moisture!

Here is Carlos showing the problems in that elevator pit before waterproofing and sealing:


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