7 Amazing Benefits of Geodesic Dome Homes

large-dome-homeIf you wonder what a geodesic dome on a home is, it can be compared to a soccer ball. Though round, its surface comprises of a series of flat, interlocking planes. This gives an extremely stable structure with minimal surface area but maximum interior space, just what you need in a house.

These houses are energy efficient, affordable, funky and offer many more benefits a traditional boxy home can’t provide. It was Buckminster Fuller who had patented the geodesic dome which may not be seen much on normal city streets but is the most energy efficient building system available.

There are many more geodesic dome advantages, too!

1. Easy to build

As its structure is lightweight and comes in shapes which are easy to assemble, geodesic domes are easy to put up. They can be easily converted from permanent to temporary residential homes and are easy to transport to the house site, and do not require much manpower to assemble.

2. Cheap Housing Option

The nature of materials used for building geodesic domes, its ease of construction, its reduced labor time and increased energy efficiency all make these houses cheaper and more affordable than conventional homes. As cost is an important factor to consider while building homes, you need not worry much about spending money building a geodesic concrete dome for houses.

3. Increased Strength

Its robust structure increases in strength as its size increases. Moreover, unlike contemporary residential homes with structures which spread its load at right angles, the geodesic dome’s strength is independent of structural supports and thus double their strength.

4. Eco-friendly

One of the best ways to help protect the environment is through eco-friendly house building. Geodesic domes are eco-friendly as the components used for building these domes are made from recyclable sources which help reduce the amount of waste. Wood is not necessary at all to build geodesic dome homes. Moreover, the insulating properties of its components make these domes very energy efficient.

5. Disaster-proof

People living in those parts of the world which are prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes are better off with geodesic domes than contemporary homes as the aerodynamics of geodesic domes let them withstand large pressure loads. Their components too are resistant to fire, water and rust. Moreover as the dome is easy to assemble, residents in these places can easily migrate without suffering much losses.

6. Consume Less Energy

Geodesic domes consume about 50% less energy than conventional homes. This is because its surface area is minimized when compared to the interiors of conventional homes. It thus holds more heat with its thick and well-insulated walls in the cold weather. In warm weather, the chimney effect is created in the dome wherein hot air is drawn out of the structure for its optimal ventilation.

7. Expandable

You are not stuck with just one geodesic dome. If required, you can always add additional domes to meet your family’s requirements. These are most of the advantages of geodesic dome homes. Its other advantages include a longer life cycle, its unique design and versatility. All these benefits give you all the more reason to consider, and invest in, a geodesic or concrete dome home!

Permanently Waterproof and Repair Your Dome Home With Sani-Tred

Most geodesic dome structures are constructed out of many individual panels. Once these panels have been erected, typically they are “mortared” between the panels and finally the exterior of the home is painted. These mortared seams are not waterproof because cement does not permanently adhere to cement (regardless of additives used). Paint or standard coatings will not permanently waterproof the structure due to their lack of flexibility, elongation, and lack of permanent adhesion. SANI-TRED waterproofing products on the other hand are absolutely permanent.

Before this home was waterproofed using Sani-Tred products, the owners have repainted the home several times in attempt to keep the water out (with no success). Most every joint and seam within the home leaked when it rained and when it snowed the home slowly dripped water constantly. The owners were not able to completely finish the interior of the home because of this constant intrusion of water; so they were forced to keep piles of their “beautiful cherry trim” covered and stacked in piles.

Dome Home Interior Before Sani-Tred


Dome Home Exterior Before Sani-Tred


Dome Home Exterior  After Sani-Tred


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