Causes and Effects of Radon Gas

One of the silent killers about which many people are not aware of, is Radon Gas. It is basically a radioactive gas that is caused how_radon_enterswhen the uranium starts decaying naturally. It is also an invisible killer just like Carbon monoxide. This is because it is not visible and secondly, it is completely odorless. Thus, when it starts infiltrating our homes, we are not even aware about its presence. This is the reason, many times, the negative effects of Radon gas go undetected and many times, it is too late to do something about it.

It is significant to note that Radon Gas commonly exists in the atmosphere and no harm comes when it is outdoors as it is diffused as well as filtered. But, once this gas gets trapped inside the homes or offices, it proves to be quite harmful. It can turn out to be potentially fatal for the people residing or working in the house or office respectively. It is more hazardous than the carbon monoxide gas, which is highly feared.

Although, there are just a few Radon gas dangers, but they are more than enough to bring havoc in the life. These Radon side effects are no doubt deadly effects. In case, there are just a few short term effects of this gas, they are not much harmful, but in case, a person is exposed to this gas for a long time, it can prove to be fatal. Many people suffer from problems like fatigue, headaches, dizziness and various other symptoms that are quite identical to the symptoms seen associated with carbon monoxide exposure.

Many studies have been conducted to find out about radon causes and effects, and it has been found that when exposed to this noxious gas, a lot of deaths occur. Every year, 21,000 deaths occur in America due to lung cancer, which is followed closely by deaths occurring due to Radon gas exposure. Due to Radon gas exposure also, people suffer from cancer.

Though, the major cause behind lung cancer is smoking, but the risk of suffering from this problem increases considerably among smokers who are also exposed to Radon gas. Thus, it is doubly fatal for the smokers.

The statistics also indicate that one hundred times more deaths occur due to Radon gas when compared with carbon monoxide. The only solution left to protect oneself from the problems due to Radon gas by preventing the gas from entering into the house. It is also important to determine if the gas is present contaminating your house. What should be done, in case the gas is found in the house at dangerous levels must also be thought about.

Radon, basically enters inside the house by seeping inside the foundation of the house from below the ground. If high gas levels are detected in a home, it may be because the house was constructed on soil that has been contaminated by Radon. The gas seeps from the soil in the house through sump pumps, basement cracks, water wells, air conditioning units and other gateways. Even if there is no basement, the house can get contaminated, thus a radon test must be conducted to find the presence of the gas in the house.

The Sani-Tred Solution

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