Comparing Radon Mitigation Methods

Radon gas is a serious issue and should be a concern to any homeowner. An issue this serious needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively. But just like any other home improvement, there are a multitude of methods available to seemingly accomplish the same goal. Radon mitigation systems are used to lessen the threat of Radon gas to your home. But with so many methods and systems out there, how do you know which one works the best? What are the differences between these systems?

The first thing to understand is that there are different methods of Radon mitigation, each with their own advantages and shortcomings. Knowing each method and its effectiveness can help you make an intelligent, informed decision. That’s why we have written this post to let you know the different types of Radon mitigation so you can better understand which one is best for your home.

A fan-based mitigation system is when a pipe is installed in the basement sub-slab and leads to an electric fan that vents the Radon gas safely to the outside. This method works best if the air can move easily under the basement slab. With a fan-based system, you can expect typical Radon reduction between 80 and 99%, depending on conditions. The system is installed by a contractor and can cost from $800 to over $2,500 depending on the contractor and your home needs. The cost of operating the system is between $75 and $175 annually.

Many other types of Radon mitigation systems exist to variable rates of success (25-95%). Most use some sort of fan, but their method of carrying Radon gas out of the home varies. What all these systems have in common is they work to mitigate (or lessen) Radon gas in your home. What sets SANI-TRED apart is that it doesn’t mitigate Radon gas, it eliminates it. SANI-TRED with RadonShieldeliminates over 99% of harmful Radon gas without the need for costly installation or higher utility costs. By simply applying SANI-TRED waterproofing products to your basement walls and floor, you are not only getting a permanent waterproof seal, you’re also blocking out harmful Radon gas. SANI-TRED can do both for much less than any two systems you can purchase to do the same exact thing. SANI-TRED ensures that your basement is both waterproof and safe from toxic Radon gas. No other single product on the market can make that claim.

When considering how to deal with Radon gas in your home and comparing radon mitigation methods, think about what is best for you and your family. Some methods just mitigate Radon and use fans to lessen the amount in your home. SANI-TRED eliminates virtually all Radon gas while simultaneously keeping your basement waterproof. When deciding what is best for your home, consider exactly what you’re buying. You can choose a costly system that mitigates Radon, an incredibly cheap system that doesn’t protect you from Radon much at all, or a proven product like SANI-TRED that is not only affordable, but effective at eliminating Radon from your home.

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