DIY Swimming Pool Waterproofing & Repair

DIY Swimming Pool Waterproofing & RepairHow would you go about repairing and waterproofing your swimming pool? Most options are either not going to work at all or work-out for your budget.

For years, residential pools, water parks, municipal pools & more have been successfully transformed with our Sani-Tred products. DIY’ers and contractors that have utilized this system know that waterproofing and repairing the inside of swimming pools with our product line is a great and effective method!

The DIY swimming pool repair process is accomplished like this:

Remove any loose or crumbling materials.

Acid etch concrete to properly “open-up” the surface for deeper penetration (sand-blasting is also a great preparation method).

Make sure the concrete is moisture free (many contractors will use a weed burner torch to artificially dry when wet) and now you are ready to put down the prime coat of PermaFlex.

After the first coat of PermaFlex is dry, patch any holes or seams with a mixture of LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) mixed with TAV (Thickening Activator). Mix no more than 2 parts LRB with 1 part TAV (you can mix in less TAV for a thinner/runnier repair product).

Topcoat with another coat of PermFlex (it’s not necessary to wait for the LRB/TAV patches to be fully set before you begin the second coat of PermFlex).

Finish with a 2-part epoxy pool paint.

Make this be the year that you finally fix and repair that ugly and leaky swimming pool!

Click here for more in-depth instructions on our swimming pool repair and waterproofing system!


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