Crack Repair / Decorative Coatings

Crack Repair - Decorative CoatingsNot only is basement waterproofing one of the great benefits of the SANI-TRED product line, but crack repair / decorative concrete coatings can also be done with our products!

Our GraniFlex system is a beautiful decorative broadcast system in which cracks can be repaired with Liquid Rubber Base mixed with Thickening Activator. Typical prep includes acid etching, neutralizing, cracks primed with PermaFlex liquid rubber coating and then the product crack repair / joint combo as described above.

Colored quartz or flakes are broadcast into the second coat of PermaFlex and 2 coats of our GraniSeal is used to seal the surface.  With 590% elongation, the PermaFlex/LRB/TAV combo make for a beautiful crack-resistant repair!

If you would want to ensure 100% no cracks ever again in the surface, you would want to lay down an intermediate coat of the Liquid Rubber Base (at 40 sq ft a gallon) sandwiched between the two coats of PermaFlex.

Of course there is more to the system than just this brief overview so we encourage you to come to one of our upcoming classes to learn all the step-by-step details!

Check out this great before and after project done by our guy Paul Bowser of KC Artistic Concrete using our decorative concrete crack repair product!

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