Environmentally Friendly Boat Coating

You love your boat. And who could blame you? If you own a boat, you know there’s nothing quite like taking it out on a lazy Saturday and enjoying the scenery on a calm lake. There are few things in life as relaxing and enjoyable as a nice, serene boat ride.

But what if your boat has seen better days?

You know what I mean; a rough-looking deck or worse, a leak. When your boat looks bad or isn’t ready to go out on the water, your free time suffers. So you need to fix your boat.

When you look around, you’ll notice a lot of boat deck coatings to choose from. All of them say they can repair and coat your boat. The good news is many of them can.

For more information on an environmentally friendly boat coating, visit SANI-TRED

What About the Environment?

Remember, while you’re out in your boat enjoying the open water, there’s a whole eco-system that you’re inhabiting. There are a lot of boat coatings available, but how many of them are environmentally friendly? A lot of products help to protect your boat, but if they’re composed of high VOC materials, how good can they really be?


SANI-TRED® is a unique boat coating that is protective, waterproof, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and low in VOC. Bottom line; this environmentally-compliant coating is better for you and the environment. With SANI-TRED®, you get the unrivaled protection of a waterproof membrane that is also good for the environment around it, whether it’s applied in homes, businesses, farms, or boats. SANI-TRED® is a one-of-a-kind liquid rubber coating that works to waterproof all types of surfaces, including boat decks and hulls. If you want a waterproof boat coating that is durable, long-lasting, versatile, and also environmentally friendly, SANI-TRED® is the right choice for you.

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