Fountain Leaking

fountain sealerIf you enjoy spending your free time in your backyard, you know how valuable this time can be. Looking out onto your property, you can see the potential the space brings with it. The benefit of having your own backyard is you can design it any way you like. From decorative patios to customized landscaping, your backyard is a blank canvas that you can design to fit your needs. One part of many backyards is a beautiful and lively water feature.

Water features come in many shapes and sizes and can really tie a backyard together. Of all the different water features to choose from, concrete fountains bring a look of sophistication to any backyard. To ensure your fountain stands the test of time, use waterproof paint for concrete fountain when constructing it. Concrete fountains are low-maintenance water features and can even be a conversation starter right in your backyard. Whether it’s a simple feature of your water garden or a full-sized fountain, this addition can bring life and excitement to your backyard.

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A concrete fountain is a water feature that can do a lot for the look and atmosphere of your backyard, but that doesn’t mean they’re always perfect. Sometimes, even the best looking fountains can have cracks that affect water flow. A cracked and broken fountain does no good for anyone, so it’s a good idea to repair, waterproof, and protect your fountain with a concrete leak sealer or stopper to keep it working its best.


SANI-TRED® is a versatile liquid rubber waterproofing system that will repair and waterproof virtually any material. SANI-TRED® was engineered to waterproof concrete surfaces, including your backyard fountain. If you have a concrete fountain that has cracks, leaks, or other imperfections that affect its ability to function, you can use SANI-TRED® concrete leak repair products to repair and waterproof it. Instead of using waterproof coatings that don’t fully protect concrete or repair products that aren’t waterproof in the first place, get SANI-TRED’s concrete fountain repair product to do it all.

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