Home Transitioning From Winter to Spring

Check Your Gutters

Gutters are in high demand when transitioning into spring as occasional snowfall is replaced by steady rain and should be as clean as possible. If you cleaned your gutters before the start of winter there shouldn’t be much to clean out, but be sure to inspect your gutters for clogs, debris, or leaks. Also make sure there’s no remaining ice in the gutters that could block rain water. Make sure the area around the gutters is clean of debris as well to aid in proper water drainage.

Clean the Screens

Ventilation screens have been blocked all Winter, so be sure to check on them, clean away all debris, and replace bent or broken screens, if needed. Also be sure to check the dryer vent and clean it out. Not cleaning a dryer vent could actually lead to a fire, so make sure you check this one especially.

Foundation Fundamentals

Do a walk around the house and inspect the foundation to look for cracks or pooling water. If you find any cracks or pooling water, clean out the area and repair anything where water can get in. This will protect your house greatly once the rain starts falling.

Fix Your Roof

Winter can be as harsh on roofs as Spring, so be sure to inspect and repair your roof after the snow melts for the season. Look for leaks, missing shingles, or damaged vents. Make sure your roof is in top condition before the rainy season starts.

Pipe Problems

Frozen and broken pipes are a big concern during the Winter and can lead to leaks. This is also true for exterior pipes used with your garden hose. At the beginning of the season, turn the spigot on, run it for a couple minutes, and look for leaking water. If you find a crack or leak, repair it early before it becomes a much bigger problem and leads to water damage. Also check on the other side of the wall to make sure there’s no backup or leaking on that side either.

Maintain the Yard

After your yard has spent 3+ months under a blanket of snow, it’s understandable that things won’t be as green and vibrant as they could be. So once the snow has melted and temperatures begin to rise, apply some fertilizer to your yard and plants to encourage growth and get them back to a healthy glow.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

SANI-TRED® can help with many of these water-related issues. If your home has leaks or other water-related issues that threaten its transition from season to season, SANI-TRED® can waterproof virtually any surface to protect your home. When transitioning from Winter to Spring and checking your outdoor home spring cleaning checklist, make sure your home is protected, use SANI-TRED® and ease your worries.

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