How to Prevent Basement Damage

A basement is an area in many homes that can be used for a multitude of purposes. But an unprotected basement can be a disaster for your home, leading to water damage, mold, mildew, and other issues that can be extremely costly. For this reason, preventing damage to your basement is an important part of keeping your home safe and strong. So here are some ways for you to prevent basement damage.

Water Damage

Inspect your basement for signs of flooding. Look for efflorescent remnants of previous flooding, which will show up as chalky white lines. If you see these lines, your basement has definitely flooded before. If your basement has flooded before, take appropriate steps to waterproof your basement walls and floor.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are a by-product of a humid, enclosed environment and can cost much more to repair. Mold can be found pretty much anywhere in your basement, so it’s best to do a thorough examination of your basement. Some contributors to high humidity including carpeting, dryers venting into the basement, and cracks in basement walls and floor. Keep humidity in your basement below 60% by using a dehumidifier to save yourself future mold-related problems.

Radon Gas

One of the most dangerous problems you can find in your basement is Radon gas. Not only is Radon a rather common nuisance, it’s deadly. Radon gas is a colorless, odorless, invisible gas that gets into your house through the basement and is a leading cause of lung cancer. Test your basement for Radon either using a commercial long-term kit or hiring a professional service to know the level of Radon that you’re being exposed to. After testing your basement, take steps to mitigate Radon levels in your house to keep you and your home safe.

Sani-Tred Can Help

The good news is Sani-Tred can solve and prevent all of these problems, from water damage, to mold and mildew, and even Radon gas. Sani-Tred can fix, repair, and alleviate all of these issues to keep your basement waterproof and safe from mold and Radon. Sani-Tred is a waterproofing material that deeply penetrates into concrete, adheres to it, and permanently waterproofs your basement while protecting it from negative hydrostatic pressure (water pressure coming from outside the house). In addition to its waterproofing and crack repair abilities, Sani-Tred also has the added benefit of completely eliminating harmful Radon gas from your home. Other Radon mitigation methods exist, but they simply reduce Radon levels. Sani-Tred goes above and beyond its competitors and completely eliminates Radon gas from your home, something no other waterproofer on the market can offer.

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