Industrial Concrete Repair at a Power Plant

Recently Premier Concrete Coatings of Columbus, Ohio had the opportunity to repair and finish an industrial concrete area for a power plant. The industrial client had recently had 4000 sq. ft. of concrete foundation poured in the winter about a year and a half ago. They were now witnessing their concrete flake, pop, and deteriorate from weather overtime. They were concerned their concrete was becoming a trip hazard and worried eventual holes would start appearing.

After consultation, the client chose the SANI-TRED system to prevent further damage and enhance the surface with the benefit of slip-resistance. SANI-TRED’s industrial concrete coating product penetrates the concrete floor which ultimately prevents water from not only sinking in but also from not allowing it to come up from the ground. Thus, preventing water from expanding and causing the flaking, popping, pitting, etc – the problem their concrete was experiencing.

In the end, the flooring client was ecstatic about the outcome of the industrial concrete repair using the SANI-TRED system. Premier was complimented on the benefits of slip-resistance, clean look, and the actual waterproof ability of the surface (it rained on the following day).




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