Does Paint Waterproof? What Do You Think?

Drylok vs Sani-Tred Waterproofing
Drylok vs Sani-Tred Waterproofing

Some of the best-selling waterproofing products on the market are nothing more than paint.  What has your experience been with ANY paint that is exposed long-term to the elements?  Cracking, peeling, flaking – right?  Definitely not anything worth considering a “waterproofing product”.

PermaFlex is a different animal.  Reaching deep within the concrete walls or block, the flexible penetration of PermaFlex forms a permanent gasket-like seal WITHIN the structure while curing out as tough as a truck tire.  Any water pressure felt against the “flexible fingers” will cause the material to swell tightly against the inside capillaries making it impossible blow the coating off.

When compressed or stretched, PermaFlex will return to its original shape, has an amazing 590% elongation and will never get weak and brittle like other coatings do with age (actually gets stronger as time goes on).

Can other so called “waterproofing products” compare?

When you consider that the top-selling DIY solution is brittle, the answer is obvious!

Wet basements, mold, dampness, radon problems are all a thing of the past when your seal your basement up tight with our Sani-Tred DIY waterproof paint products!  Contact us today to order your free sample pack or to get the material you need to waterproof your basement ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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  1. we have dry lock painted on our basement walls (which is flaking and peeling and now molding). can we cover with sani tred without removing it?

  2. For SANI-TRED to work its best and fully adhere to your concrete, we recommend removing all previous coatings to expose the bare aggregate. This allows SANI-TRED to adhere to your concrete, penetrate the pores, and harden to waterproof your space. SANI-TRED applied to a properly prepared substrate is designed to be permanent and the better adhesion, the better the bond, and the better the waterproofing protection.

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