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A backyard pond can be one of life’s great rewards and offers benefits unlike any other. If you have a pond near your house, you know how calming and serene they can be and what they bring to the environment. From plant life to animals, ponds are teeming with life and can turn any backyard into a colorful and lively sanctuary. But while everyone can see the beauty of your pond when the sun is shining, when the sun sets, many just forget about their ponds until the morning. But your pond doesn’t have to be kept in the dark. You can enjoy your pond at any time, day or night, with properly installed pond lighting. Lighting can keep your pond looking great and turn your backyard into a welcoming space regardless of the time. If you want to properly light your pond to get the full enjoyment from it, here’s some tips for you to follow.

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Create a Layout

Before you do anything, you need to draw up a layout of your existing pond to better get an idea of how you want your pond to be lit. This layout is a good starting point so you know what you need to buy to get that same look.

Choose the Right Light

The next step is choosing the right light for your pond. Choosing the right light is crucial for not only your pond, but also your peace of mind. First, you need a light that will last a long time. You don’t want to be tasked with constantly replacing the bulb every time it burns out. Conventional bulbs burn out after a few hundred hours, then you’d need to replace them. Save yourself the time and hassle by buying LED lights, which can last years without burning out. This will save you in the long run.

Also remember that the size of the light isn’t important. Instead, focus on the depth of your pond relative to the wattage of your light. The deeper your pond, the more wattage you’ll need for the submerged light to show up on the water’s surface.


Next, choose exactly where you want to place the lights according to your layout. Choose where you want to place them to get the exact look you’re going for.


You also need to make sure your pond fountain lighting is properly mounted, secured, and protected.

First, make sure the light you’ve chosen is completely waterproof. Any water getting in will destroy your light, so having waterproof pond lights is protecting your investment.

Next, securely mount the light against the brick or concrete of your pond, which will keep the light submerged and stop it from floating around.

Cover the outside housing of the light with wire mesh to keep it from being damaged. Keeping the housing protected will keep your water fountain lighting on.

Sani-Tred Can Help

If your pond needs waterproofing of any kind, Sani-Tred can work to keep water where it belongs and out of where it doesn’t. If you want to protect your pond, keep it lit, and make it look its very best, use Sani-Tred.

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