Pond Repair and Waterproofing

I just wanted to send an update and a thank you. Please ignore the condition of the water. I finished the interior literally 2 days before we got a ridiculously out of character heavy dump of monsoon rain which not only gathered rain from our downspouts (more rain than even they could handle.. All were overflowing) but rushed down the hill so fast and heavy the efforts we’d made to ground water AROUND the pond than into failed so a whole lot of dirt got washed in and I haven’t got the filters online yet.  This 16k gallon plus beast went from empty to what you see here in 2 days of monsoon rains

The exciting part here however is look at her! She’s holding water. We’ve never seen it hold water to this level, even before I removed the old liner. I’m so stinking happy and excited. The LRB is truly a miracle. That big crack across the whole bottom had me nervous but it seems to all be fine. Still have ways to go to get her completely full but this is just so good to see.

I’ll send better photos when everything is cleaned up and the filters have had a chance to clean up the water.

Thank you for all of your help and patience with my many questions.


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