Prep, Prime, Patch & Topcoat = WATERPROOFED Basement!

Prep, prime, patch & topcoat = WATERPROOFED Basement
Prep, prime, patch & topcoat = WATERPROOFED Basement

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the most effective way to waterproof basement walls. The same thing can be said about our SANI-TRED instructions.

Prep:  Remove any existing coating & make sure it’s dry.

Prime:  1 coat of PermaFlex (do 2 prime coats for cinder block).

Patch:  2 parts Liquid Rubber Base (LRB) mixed with 1 part Thickening Activator (TAV) to fill voids/cracks plus wall/wall and wall/floor junctures.

Topcoat:  Final topcoat of Permaflex



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