Preventing a Flooded Basement

For homes that have them, basements are a major part of an effective and enjoyable home. Likewise, preventing a flooded basement is as important as any other type of home improvement. Basements are used for anything from storage to a completely functional room and need to be waterproof no matter the actual use. Even for those who use their basements for storage still need to prevent flooding and water damage.

There are many basement waterproofing products and methods out there, each with their advantages and disadvantages. While every basement will benefit from being completely waterproof, not everyone uses the method that will give them just that. To keep your basement waterproof and avoid basement flooding, you need a waterproofing material that is effective, durable, and long-lasting.

Sump Pumps and French Drains

Sump pumps and French drains allow water into the basement then pump it back out, which is an adequate method for dealing with flooding when it occurs, but does nothing to prevent flooding in the first place. Many homeowners use sump pumps and French drains, but they’re still letting water into their basement in the first place, which will only lead to problems down the line.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing uses vapor barriers and coatings on the outside of your home’s foundation to prevent water from getting in. This waterproofing method is usually done when a home is being built while the surrounding ground is already disrupted. To install exterior waterproofing barriers or coatings to an existing home requires excavation, which is costly and labor-intensive. Exterior waterproofing barriers can fail, develop rips over time, and need eventual replacement, which is also costly.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

For an effective waterproofing solution for your basement, the obvious choice is SANI-TRED®, the innovative liquid rubber flooring system used in basements all over the world. To completely and permanently waterproof your basement walls and floor, use a system that is proven to work in any number of environments, including basements. To prevent a flooded basement, you need to choose a product that you know will work. Choose SANI-TRED® and protect your basement permanently.

For more information on repairing and waterproofing your basement, visit SANI-TRED

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  1. I had a french drain system installed in my Ypsilanti, Michigan home about a year ago and my basement has been dry ever since. I am still considering getting a sump pump in there too, I’ve hear they can be attached to my french drain system, is this true?

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