What is a Tiny House?

Where you live can make all the difference and housing options are becoming as diverse as people themselves. One form of housing that is unique and quite interesting is the tiny house. While living space in the average American home has gone up, so have home costs. While the average home is growing larger, some have decided to reverse that trend and choose a smaller living area. In the era of the “McMansion”, some are looking to live smaller have joined the tiny house movement.

What is a Tiny House?

A tiny house refers to a house less than 1,000 sq. ft. The average single family new home is 2,662 sq. ft. and the tiny house movement is attempting to counter that with smaller houses that take up less space and are less taxing on the environment. A tiny house is simply a house that has small space and big possibilities.

The Advantages of a Tiny House
These tiny houses have many advantages over traditional housing, from personal preferences to environmental concerns.

No Mortgage– The average homeowner pays up to 28% of their income to pay their mortgage. A tiny house costs much less than the average traditional home and you can buy or even build one for less than $20,000.

Utility Savings– Tiny houses use less water, electricity, and heating than larger houses. Some tiny houses are actually built onto trailers and can be pulled behind a vehicle. These types of tiny houses can be hooked up to water and power lines at campgrounds when needed.

Less Maintenance– Tiny houses are much smaller than traditional houses, inside and out. This means less space to maintain, which also leads to lower costs.

Eco-Friendly– Tiny houses have smaller carbon footprint and take up less space. Some are mobile and can be moved rather easily, making sure the house doesn’t permanently use up natural resources in any particular area for too long.

Something to Consider
This type of housing is not for everyone. A house smaller than 1,000 sq. ft. obviously wouldn’t be a great option for a family of 5, but if you’re single or a young couple looking for a unique housing option, a tiny house might be something to look into.

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