Water Garden and Fountain Care in Winter and Spring

If your backyard has a water garden, you know the intrinsic beauty and calming atmosphere that come with them. Water gardens are relaxing, serene water features that can turn any backyard into a peaceful oasis. But to keep your water garden calm and peaceful, you need to keep it maintained.

Water gardens are mostly self-regulating and require little maintenance, but there are still some actions you have to take to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips on water fountain and garden care for winter. For more information on water gardens, ponds, and fountains, visit SANI-TRED.


Start by covering the space with netting material to keep leaves out of your water garden. Otherwise, be prepared to spend the next few months removing the leaves and debris yourself.

If you have fish, make sure your water garden doesn’t completely freeze over. If your pond freezes or develops a top layer of ice, pour hot water over top to create a hole and allow oxygen to get in. Don’t break the ice up by force, this could shock your fish and create a bigger problem. If you can’t create a hole in the ice, drain the water a little to give the pond an air pocket between the ice and the water, which will stop the rest of the water from freezing.


Once the weather gets nicer and spring is well on its way, remove the netting and replace the heater and put water pump back in.

If you have fish, start feeding them again. Don’t overfeed your fish and be sure to scoop any food from the surface that isn’t eaten in 10 minutes. This will prevent the food from mucking up the water’s surface.

By mid-spring your existing plants will make a comeback. You can add new plants in late spring if you want. Look over your entire water garden and take note of which plants survived the winter and remove all dead plant debris.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

A water garden can be a great part of your backyard and keeping it waterproof is key to keeping it looking great and filled year round. When doing regular maintenance, make sure your water garden is keeping water where it belongs. If it needs repaired, SANI-TRED® can patch, profile, and waterproof your concrete water garden.

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