Waterproof Your Basement – DIY

Waterproof Your BasementTraditional basement waterproofing companies will lead you to believe that all sorts of elaborate and expensive procedures will have to take place to effectively waterproof your basement.  Digging, trenching, redirecting . . . basically doing an extremely involved and labor-extensive operation to take care of moisture in your basement.

What do we continue to see and hear from people that have gone the expensive route?

Moisture in their basements!

Why does Sani-Tred work when other liquid waterproofing products fail?

Other DIY waterproof basement products simply do not work because they can’t hold back the vapor pressure exerted on them. SANI-TRED PermaFlex on the other hand is a different animal…its flexible rubber “tentacle-like fingers” penetrate deep within the concrete/block and when moisture vapor/pressure presses against the flexible tentacles.  All they can do is expand and swell tightly against the sides of the concrete capillaries making it impossible to blow the coating off.

590% elongation. Forever flexible and cures as tough as a truck tires inside of your basement walls . . . the perfect way to waterproof your basement DIY!

Is this the biggest secret in waterproofing?

Not really –  100,000+ customers over the last 25 years have proven the effectiveness of the Sani-Tred line over and over again!

Learn more about Sani-Tred’s main product PermaFlex.


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