What is Concrete Paint?

Concrete paint (also known as masonry paint) is a specially-formulated paint that contains binders that are able to contract and expand with concrete, providing better coverage. Concrete paint for basements is much thicker than standard exterior paint and can be tinted to display specific colors.

Some people think you can use regular exterior paint on concrete. These people are misinformed. Concrete expands and contracts and even the best exterior house paint will peel under this movement. Conventional paints, even the durable exterior variety, are simply a thin covering over the very top layer of a surface. Unlike other surfaces, concrete expands and contracts, and when it does, conventional paint can’t adapt, which lead to cracks and tears. To be successful, you’ll need basement concrete paint.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices start as low as $20 per gallon.

How Do I Apply Concrete Paint?

Part of what makes cement floor paint so effective is its thickness compared to conventional paint. This thickness also effects how it’s applied. Thicker paints should be applied using a masonry brush or a high-capacity roller (measuring at least ¾ of an inch). Concrete paints also contain fine particles that can clog a paint sprayer.

Additional Tips

  • Most jobs require two to three coats to fully cover a slab, be sure to let each layer fully dry before starting the next coat.
  • If you’re painting a concrete floor, add a floor texture additive and mix it in the paint so your newly painted floor will also provide better traction to prevent slips and falls.
  • Concrete paint works best over existing slabs. If you’re looking to apply it to a fresh slab, allow the slab to cure for at least 28 days.

The Sani-Tred Solution
Sani-Tred products can do what any concrete paint can do…and more! PermaFlex adapts to expansion and contraction like concrete paint, but the added bonus of permanent waterproofing and surface protection.

Sani-Tred outperforms even the highest quality concrete paint in both protection and ease of application. PermaFlex deeply penetrates into the concrete surface, getting deep into the pores, adheres on a molecular level, and then cures to an extremely tough consistency. Once it adheres to the surface, PermaFlex will expand and contract with the concrete (up to 590% elongation) while maintaining its shape and protective abilities. Surfaces coated in PermaFlex can be decorative, colorful, waterproof, and protected. Some concrete paints may be cheaper, but they cannot offer the protection and function of Sani-Tred.

If you’re looking for a colorful coating option for your concrete, choose Sani-Tred and get paint plus protection.

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