Wood Flooring In Wet Basement

Recently Zion Waterproofing Pro’s in Illinois waterproofed a a leaky basement with the Sani-Tred system. Then a decorative faux concrete wood flooring system was installed as well as a Graniflex wet basement flooring system.

5 thoughts on “Wood Flooring In Wet Basement”

  1. Will can these products be used to water proof elevated shaft? If so would you eliminate the existing sump pump penetrations?

    waterproofing Solutions LLC

  2. Hi, i am really interested in the wood flooring look for my basement (maybe in a lighter color thought). i was wondering if you could give me more information on the products you use and if i could possibly just order them from you guys and do the job myself. My basement is about 1200 square feet. And i am looking for a greyish color of faux wood look.


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