Basement Waterproofing Facts Infographic

Basement Waterproofing Facts & Statistics Infographic

We created this infographic of basement waterproofing facts and ideas to emphasize the seriousness of a leaky basement.  Don’t leave your basement to chance! Learn how to permanently waterproof your basement this weekend at


  • Most new homes will develop a leak somewhere within 10-15 years of being built.
  • Over 60% of basements in existing homes have a moisture problem.
  • Around 38 percent of basements with moisture problems develop mold & fungus growth.
  • Older homes were built with waterproofing methods that are now outdated and no longer work.
  • According to real estate sales statistics, water leakage and mold growth can lessen the value of a property up to 25%.
  • Over the course of a 30-year mortgage, your chances of suffering a flooded basement are more than five times greater than your chances of suffering a fire.
  • 98 percent of homes have a wet basement at least once in their lifetime.
  • The annual cost to insurance companies from home water damage is 2.5 Billion Dollars
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