Swimming Pool Facts & Statistics Infographic

Swimming Pool Facts and Statistics

Swimming is one of America’s favorite pastimes! We compiled this list of swimming pool statistics for those wanting to weigh the benefits of building, replacing, or repairing a swimming pool.

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Sani-Tred pool repair products transform a conventional, rough, porous, hard, abrasive concrete swimming pool into a smooth, attractive, softer, easy to maintain, water tight, rubber lined pool, no matter how damaged or deteriorated. SANI-TRED pool deck resurfacing has repaired many pools that have been determined by experts as un-repairable with no recourse but to fill in the pool and start over! Our swimming pool coating products can be used to repair, seal, and completely waterproof concrete, fiberglass, gunite pools and more. Learn more at https://sanitred.com/swimming-pool-repair-and-sealant-system/

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