Alternative Home Ideas

What is a Tiny House?

Where you live can make all the difference and housing options are becoming as diverse as people themselves. One form of housing that is unique and quite interesting is the tiny house. While living space in the average American home has gone up, so have home costs. While the average home is growing larger, some …

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Tiny House Tips

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes are rapidly gaining popularity as a unique, customizable, and environmentally friendly building material. Brick, mortar, and wood are still the standard building materials for most buildings, but more and more people are looking to new alternatives when building their homes. One material that is slowly gaining popularity for home building is shipping …

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What is an Underground Home?

Products Needed:     An underground home is a style of housing that uses construction methods and natural elements together in a hybrid that is comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Underground houses, also known as Earth-sheltered homes, build a wood and concrete house and cover it, partially or completely, in surrounding earth. The resulting structure …

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