Basement Media Room

A basement media room can be a great addition to your home. The inherent beauty of a basement is it’s a literal “blank slate” area in your home. You can do virtually anything with it as long as you put in the time and effort. While some use it for storage, others see a basement as capable of being so much more. The DIY-inclined see a basement less as a closet and more of an extra room in the house just ready to be defined.
One option that is growing in popularity is the idea of making media rooms in a basement. Media rooms are for setting up your basement as a space to watch sports, movies, or TV shows away from the shared space of a living room.

Before You Start
If you’re starting your DIY media room with an unfinished basement, waterproof and finish it first. You can’t go forward with anything else I’m going to list without doing this first.

Use SANI-TRED’s sealer products to protect your basement from negative hydrostatic pressure, water damage, mold, and Radon gas. After you’ve waterproofed the room, continue the finishing process.

Once you’ve finished your basement, now the fun starts with these basement media room ideas.

How to Plan Your Basement Media Room

Plan for Sound
Consider recessed speakers for your surround sound system if you can. This will hide wires, make the setup look better, and truly surround you with quality sound. When finishing a media room in your basement, take this into account and plan walls accordingly.

Pay Attention to Media Storage
One thing about media is the number of devices you need to display it. Build a small cabinet to house DVD, Blu-Ray players, and cable boxes so you can fully focus on what’s on the television.

Try to use an open cabinet or at least a cabinet with screens on its doors so your electronics can vent properly and don’t overheat.

Make the Room Comfortable
Make sure your room is comfortable to spend time in. Seating is a must because no one wants to watch a 2 hour movie in an uncomfortable chair. Sectionals and newer recliners provide prime seating to virtually everyone and are incredibly comfortable. Build a space that is entertaining and comfortable.

Think About Acoustics
When you’re watching a movie, the last thing you want is bad sound. Turn your room into a miniature movie theater by picking the right materials better suited for sound.

Use fabric shades to cover any windows instead of metal or wood blinds. This reduces echo in the room. Also consider fabric wall panels to help acoustics and cut down on echoes.

Connect Everything
You can control everything in the room, from the TV to the lights, with a universal remote. Doing this gives you complete control of the room and makes the whole room a comfortable, easily-accessible space.


Follow these steps, buy the equipment that works best for any basement media room design ideas, and enjoy your new basement media room.

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