Different Methods of Basement Waterproofing

Are you looking some effective method for the basement waterproofing? Do you find it hard to get a permanent solution? Water can enter into your basement through different ways. If you want to make it waterproof then first you will have to find out the specific reason that causes water leak into the basement. That might be leakage, cracks, the presence of moisture, and the foundation type.

Any water leakage can cause both the health and safety issues. It can create high humidity, mold, bacteria, and structural issues. If you are looking for some help to resolve the issue, then you will have to make it waterproof first.

There are many ways to waterproof your basement. You need to focus on all aspects including exterior and interior. You can go through the following article to know how to waterproof your basement with the right types of basement waterproofing systems.

Interior waterproofing

You will find many methods to waterproof your basement from inside. First thing, you need to focus on the concrete painting. Concrete painting can work as a seal and can prevent any type of water leakage. Concrete waterproof coatings will also prevent the seepage of moisture. You can use it both on the painted and unpainted walls. But make sure that you are using a good quality painting to get the best and durable result. If you have drainage system inside, then you will have to take some extra effort. You need to use the plastic sheets to catch water and squeeze through. You can use waterproofing paint on the surface to avoid moisture and water.

Exterior waterproofing

For the exterior waterproofing, you might need to spend extra. If it is worth spending if you consider the overall benefits. You will have to follow two methods for the exterior waterproofing. You might go either for the dampproofing or waterproofing. Damp proofing will cost less. You just need to use a spray to the new home foundations. For the waterproofing, first, you need to go for a full excavation. It will be followed by a sprayed on the polymer sealer and then it will be covered by the dimpled membrane to make the wall waterproof. It will also direct the water to the drain. Besides, you will have to cover your drain tile with a silt stock and then cover it with the soil that slopes away from the foundation. The process will be time-consuming. But it is considered best to prevent any water leakage or moisture builds up.


In addition to the above two, you can also use a cement-based sealant to prevent the leaks. It can be used as a temporary solution to prevent any water leakage. For the long term benefits, you need to consider other explained methods.

Epoxy Injection

For any quick fix, you can consider epoxy injection. It works well for the cracked walls. But like the sealant, it can be used as a temporary solution.

You can consider all the above methods to waterproof your basement. If you find any water leakage on your basement, you need to fix it immediately to avoid any structural damage.


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