Problems With Concrete Pools

Every type of swimming pool comes with its own problems. No matter what material you choose, you’ll be faced with some kind of repair eventually. Concrete pools are the strongest, most durable, and longest-lasting style of pool, but they have their own share of problems and concerns. From installation to maintenance, concrete pools do have their own problems to deal with. Here is a list of common concrete pool problems that you should know about.

Installation Issues

Concrete pool installations will take more than a few weeks. The final product will be stable, strong, and durable, but installation itself can run into a whole host of issues, from harsh weather to contractor problems. Make sure to only hire contractors with experience in installing concrete pools and try and get something in writing how long the installation should take.


Concrete pools do not react well to salt water. Salt and concrete are a terrible mix and a salt chlorine generator will lead to the need for resurfacing sooner rather than later. For concrete pools, it’s better to skip the salt water.


Concrete pools require more maintenance than other types of pools, this is just a fact. Concrete pools need surface brushing, acid-washing in the off-season, and regular maintenance to keep water pH and calcium levels in check. Vinyl and fiberglass pools do not require as much maintenance, but they come with their own issues like relining.

Roughness of Concrete Surface

The surface of a concrete pool is just that, concrete. Concrete can be rough on the human body and a concrete pool needs to be resurfaced just to keep the pool smooth and actually enjoyable.


Concrete is simply the most durable material to make a pool from, but that doesn’t make it perfect. Concrete pools can crack over time, which causes leaks. A crack in a concrete pool can be a big problem and it needs to be repaired correctly to keep water in the pool. Concrete is a strong pool material, but cracks can be a big problem.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

The good news is SANI-TRED® products can address most of the problems in a safe, easy, and effective way. Rough surface? An application of PermaFlex™ can smooth out that surface while also protecting your pool from hydrostatic pressure. Worried about calcium leaching from concrete pool walls? PermaFlex™ adheres to the substrate and keeps the water and concrete surface from mixing. What about leaks? Mix LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) and TAV™ (Thickening Activator) to profile and patch any crack, hole, or other imperfection and seal them permanently. Apply a top coat of PermaFlex™ and protect your concrete pool from water, roughness, and water leaching.

A concrete pool has its ups and downs, but SANI-TRED’s concrete pool waterproofing products can help you maintain and protect your pool for years to come.

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