Basement Waterproofing

The “Holy Grail” of Basement Waterproofing

To understand how to seal basement floor from water or how to be successful at indoor basement waterproofing, we need to start with a little history engineering basics and on how to seal concrete basement floor.  A liquid applied indoor coating for wine cellars, rock tunnels or basement waterproofing that is both permanent and provides …

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How to waterproof your basement - step-by-step

Basement Waterproofing Systems – Problems

Many local professional basement waterproofing systems/companies are a franchise of a nationally advertised corporation with a carefully guarded “secret franchised methodology”.  The secret details are only to be known by the local waterproofing contractor and are not to be publicly disclosed (especially to potential customers). This basement waterproofing system starts with a direct telemarketing lead …

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Basement Waterproofing Mess

Does Paint Waterproof? What Do You Think?

Some of the best-selling waterproofing products on the market are nothing more than paint.  What has your experience been with ANY paint that is exposed long-term to the elements?  Cracking, peeling, flaking – right?  Definitely not anything worth considering a “waterproofing product”. PermaFlex is a different animal.  Reaching deep within the concrete walls or block, …

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Drylok vs SaniTred Waterproofing

Waterproof Your Basement – DIY

Traditional basement waterproofing companies will lead you to believe that all sorts of elaborate and expensive procedures will have to take place to effectively waterproof your basement.  Digging, trenching, redirecting . . . basically doing an extremely involved and labor-extensive operation to take care of moisture in your basement. What do we continue to see …

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